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Impress your customers with unique and engaging experiences powered by computer vision. Light footprint and high mobility of our technology ensure quick loading times and smooth user experience on all platforms.

Choose your platform. visage|SDK provides a reliable and flexible ground for developing your own applications featuring face tracking and analysis on the platform of your choice, including Unity. It’s quick, lightweight and easy to integrate.

Build anything. A game where the villain can see you laughing at him and respond interactively, an app that turns your head into a mythical animal, recording your own digital movie… With our technology, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Engage your audience. Our computer vision algorithms allow you to create interactive experiences your audience will love. Let them stand out on social media using creative face filters, control games with their face, access content appropriate for their age, and more.

Use cases


  • Face filters and live digital avatar animation
  • Gameplay based on face tracking, eye tracking, age detection or emotion recognition
  • Realistic VR and AR experiences

Entertainment and events

  • Create interactive exhibitions, installations, tours and events
  • Engage visitors with face matching, face swapping, face filters and more
  • Create interactive installations
  • Increase security at events with face recognition

visage|SDK is lightweight, efficient and customizable, which ensures great performance and optimal user experience. You can easily integrate it into your own solution or let our team develop a custom solution for you.

Visage Technologies consulting and custom development services are available to adapt the technology in terms of precision, performance and any other requirements in order to meet the needs of specific applications.

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