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visage|SDK is a set of computer vision technologies that deliver real time data on human faces. It enables you to track, analyze and recognize human faces in real time, allowing you to build powerful AI-powered solutions. The SDK is divided into three specialized packages - FaceTrack, FaceAnalysis and FaceRecognition - which can be licensed separately.

Here is why our technology is used by hundreds of clients worldwide:

• Lightweight & fast

visage|SDK delivers great results with speed, accuracy and precision yet unmatched on the market.

Works online & offline

You don’t have to depend on internet connection, because visage|SDK works both online and offline.

 Easy to integrate

visage|SDK comes with detailed documentation that helps you make the most of our technology in the least time.

Unity plugin

The integration of visage|SDK with Unity lets you easily animate faces, create face masks, or develop your own games.


visage|SDK is available on all major platforms and embedded systems: Windows, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, macOS, HTML5, Xilinx, RedHat and Raspberry Pi.


The extensive set of parameters in easily manageable configuration files lets you customize the SDK based on your specific use case.

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