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Specialized healthcare applications can significantly contribute to patient monitoring, care and disease prevention. Reliable data on the patient’s head pose, gaze direction, age, gender, emotions, etc. can be extremely valuable in building such an app:

  • Monitor health by tracking head pose, gaze direction and eye closure or combine them with other technologies to yield other health-related measurements, such as body temperature.

  • Monitor patients’ emotions to allow staff interventions when the system detects pain or anger.

  • Measure patient satisfaction with interactive surveys to provide the best service.

  • Increase the safety of your facility by recognizing patients and staff and providing a better, more personalized service.

  • Improve people's life quality with specialized assistive technologies (for example, gaze-based computer control).

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and loneliness in patients with smart robots.
  • ... and more.

visage|SDK is lightweight, efficient and customizable, which ensures great performance and optimal user experience. You can easily integrate it into your own solution or let our team develop a custom solution for you.


Visage Technologies consulting and custom development services are available to adapt the technology in terms of precision, performance and any other requirements in order to meet the needs of specific applications.