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visage|SDK can be used in marketing to attract attention and encourage engagement:

  • Have customers try on make-up, glasses and contact lenses, face masks, jewelry and more in real-time on their phones, computers or in-store mirrors.

  • Create interactive marketing campaigns your target audience will truly enjoy and talk about.

  • Get a better picture of your target audience with detailed age, gender and emotion data.

  • Create better ads, tailor the right content for specific target groups, optimize shelf positioning, and more in order to increase ROI and optimize spend.

Present your brand the best way possible through innovative mobile or desktop applications. Light footprint and high mobility of our technology ensure quick loading times and high fidelity on all platforms.

Use cases include:


  • Virtual try on and interactive in-store experiences
  • Shoplifting prevention with face recognition
  • Shopping experience personalization

Marketing campaigns

  • Interactive marketing campaigns
  • Shelf placement optimization
  • Augmented reality
  • Personalized ads and product recommendations

Marketing research

  • Non-intrusive, large scale group research
  • Copy and content testing and optimization
  • Emotion measurement

UX/UI testing

  • User journey and focus monitoring
  • A/B testing
  • Product creation and testing


Visage Technologies consulting and custom development services are available to adapt the technology in terms of precision, performance and any other requirements in order to meet the needs of specific applications.