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When it comes to buying makeup, one thing will never change - people will always prefer to try it on first. Makeupmakeup|SDK helps you create a virtual makeup try-on that acts like a virtual mirror, showcasing your products in an interactive, personalized way.

By letting customers try on your products from the comfort of their home, you can grow sales and decrease return rates, especially at a time of the global pandemic when customers are increasingly buying online and approaching every physical contact with caution.

For customers, having a chance to try on the products before buying improves the overall shopping experience and brings them closer to a purchase. It also increases the chance of them being happy with their purchase and buying from the same brand again.

How does


makeup|SDK work?

Makeupmakeup|SDK combines face tracking and 3D rendering to create a real-time virtual makeup experience. It lets you build a virtual makeup try-on solution that is:

  • Intuitive, allowing customers to easily try-on makeup products using nothing but a simple camera;
  • Easily accessible, letting your customers enjoy a personalized makeup experience on their favorite platform;
  • Realistic, presenting a wide range of makeup products in real time;
  • Customizable, showing off the true colors of your brand - from makeup features to UI.

Real-time face tracking for optimal UX

Makeupmakeup|SDK is integrated withFaceTrack - extremely fast and precise face-tracking technology used by hundreds of clients worldwide. FaceTrack detects and tracks 99 facial points and returns a face mesh, ie. a 3D model of the person’s face. The 3D face mesh is used to pinpoint the facial areas needed to properly display specific makeup products.

Furthermore, the tracker processes images from any standard web or mobile camera. Broad device reach and real-time processing help create a truly intuitive virtual makeup try-on that provides the optimal experience with minimum user input.

Finally, real-time tracking makes sure that the makeup always “fits” perfectly, even if the customer moves their head. This way, customers can see how a specific product suits them from different angles - almost like looking at the mirror. All they need to do is turn on their camera.

3D rendering for realistic makeup representation

After detecting important facial landmarks, Makeupmakeup|SDK automatically applies virtual makeup by blending the colors using carefully designed semi-transparent masks and appropriate post-processing. Makeupmakeup|SDK supports a wide range of makeup features out-of-the-box - all you need to do is to choose its color(s) and finish. This is done using our simple yet powerful API.

Easy integration for a faster time-to-market

Whether you’re building a makeup app, upgrading an e-commerce website or powering a smart mirror in your store, our Makeupmakeup|SDK will help you create the optimal digital experience of your physical products. Makeup|The SDK lets you easily integrate virtual makeup functionalities on the platform of your choice - iOS, Android and HTML5.

To request your free evaluation license or discuss your idea with our experts, get in touch.