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Visage Technologies strives to minimize changes in API and configuration files when releasing new versions of the SDK. The inevitable changes are listed here together with specific instructions for developers who have existing applications built with older versions.

For each visage|SDK release, incremental changes in relation to the previous release are listed. To apply the changes correctly, apply them in order from the older version to the newer version without skipping intermediary versions.


visage|SDK 8.6


titleConfigurable neural network runners

To improve the performance of our algorithms and to support a wider variety of neural network models we are introducing a configurable framework for choosing between different neural network runners.

As a result, additional configuration file NeuralNet.cfg is now included in visage|SDK (located in Samples/data). This file allows the users to configure which runner will be used by visage|SDK. Users can choose between:

  • Visage's in-house developed runner and

  • OpenVINO™ toolkit.

For more information on the parameters of NeuralNet.cfg file see the API page.

OpenVINO is a trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries.

titleConfigurable tracking algorithm

New experimental algorithm for face tracking and alignment introduced - VNN algorithm.

For the price of slightly reduced tracking speed/performance, it significantly improves tracking quality and robustness. VisageTracker and VisageFeaturesDetector can be configured to use VNN algorithm via configuration parameter - use_vnn.

For more information on use_vnn parameter, please consult VisageTracker Configuration Manual and VisageTracker class documentation.


It is recommended to use VNN algorithm with OpenVINO™ toolkit which significantly improves speed of running neural networks thus mitigating any performance reductions.

OpenVINO is a trademark of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries.

API changes

titleVisageConfiguration API

Introducing new C++ and C# API for programmatically changing VisageTracker configuration parameters, including new additional classes and templates:


Modify configuration parameters on the fly


Helper template structure for storing various VisageConfiguration array data types

The aforementioned classes are used in conjunction of new VisageTracker methods:


VisageConfiguration VisageTracker::getTrackerConfiguration()

void VisageTracker::setTrackerConfiguration(VisageConfiguration &configuration)


VisageConfiguration VisageCSWrapper.VisageTracker.GetTrackerConfiguration()

void VisageCSWrapper.VisageTracker.SetTrackerConfiguration(VisageConfiguration configuration)


There are slight differences in usage between C++ and C#. For example, C++ API uses helper structure VsCfgArr to return specific data types where C# uses native C# types.


VisageConfiguration and VsCfgArr class documentation contains more details and examples of usage in code