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visage|SDK is a Software Development Kit - a set of documented software libraries that software developers can use to integrate Visage Technologies' face tracking, analysis and recognition algorithms into their applications.

Can I install your software on my computer and just run it?

No. visage|SDK is not a finalized application, but a Software Development Kit that you use to develop/integrate your application. This is what your software development team can hopefully do, based on the documentation delivered as part of visage|SDK.

Can you develop an application for me?

Visage Technologies' software development team is available to develop a custom-made application to your requirements, so that you can install it on your computers/devices and run. To do that, we need specific and detailed requirements for the application, including:

  • What should the application do?

  • What sort of user interface should it have?

  • On what kind of computer/device should it run – Windows? iOS? Android? Other?

Some additional remarks on the way of working:

  • Please note that these are just initial questions to get the discussion going, quite a bit more detail would probably be required, depending on the complexity of your requirements.

  • Based on the requirements worked out to a suitable level, we could make a Project Proposal, including the time and cost, for building your application.

  • Please note that working out your requirements and preparing the Project Proposal may be considerable work in itself so, depending on the complexity of your requirements, we may need to charge for that work too.

Your contact person can advise on further details.

Am I entitled to receive technical support?