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Can I process a video and save tracking data/information to a file?

No. visage|SDK is not a finalized application for processing video files and saving information to a file, but a Software Development Kit that you use to develop/integrate your application. This is what your software development team can hopefully do, based on the documentation delivered as part of visage|SDK.
To get you started each platform specific visage|SDK package contains sample projects with full source code that can be modified for that purpose.
On Windows there are Visual Studio 2015 samples: ShowCaseDemo which is written in C# and FaceTracker2 which is written in C++.
On macOS there is Xcode sample: VisageTrackerDemo which is written in Objective-C++.
Processing and saving information to a file can be implemented in parts of the sample projects where tracking from video file is performed. Please search source code of each sample for exact location.
Important note: sample projects have “video_file_sync“ (or similarly named functionality) enabled which skips video frames if tracking is slower than real-time. This functionality should be disabled for full video processing i.e processing of all video frames.

Can you develop an application for me?