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General questions

Am I entitled to receive technical support? [2020-05-30]

  • Most our licenses include initial 5 hours of support, so if you have purchased a license for visage|SDK, then you can use this support (delivered via email).

  • For the majority of our clients the initial support hours are more than sufficient, but it is also possible to order additional support - your contact person can advise you on this.

  • If you are evaluating visage|SDK and have technical issues, we will do our best, within reasonable limits, to support your evaluation.

See also:

How to request technical support?

How to request technical support? [2020-05-30]

If you have a technical issue using visage|SDK, please email your Visage Technologies contact person the following information:

  • error report, including the error messages you receive and anything else you think may help our team resolve the issue,

  • the operating system you are using,

  • the version of visage|SDK (please see it in the upper left corner of the documentation as in the image below).