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Please note that the current HTML5 demos have not been optimized for use in mobile browsers so for best results it is recommended to use a desktop browser.

Internet connection and privacy issues

Does my device/app need internet connection?

Applications developed using visage|SDK do not need an internet connection for operation.

Internet connection is needed only for license registration, which happens only once, when the application is used for the first time.

For hardware devices, this can typically be done at installation time – you would connect the device to the network, run the application once, the license registration happens automatically, and after that no network connection is needed.

How do you handle privacy of user data? Does visage|SDK store or send it to a cloud server?

visage|SDK never transfers any user information to any server.

visage|SDK never automatically stores any user information locally,

In summary, you as application developer have full control and responsibility for any storage or transfer of user data that you may implement in your application.

Cameras, hardware

Can I use visage|SDK with an IP camera?