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visage|SDK can be used to locate and track faces in group/crowd images and also to perform face recognition (identity) and face analysis (age, gender, emotion estimation). Such use requires particular care related to performance issues as there may be many faces to process. Some initial guidelines:

  • Face tracking is limited to 20 faces (for performance reasons). To locate more faces in the image, use face detection (class FacialFeaturesDetector).

  • visage|SDK detects/tracks is capable of detecting/tracking faces whose size in the image is at least 5% of the image width (height in case of portrait images).

    • The default setting for the VisageFeaturesDetector is to detect faces larger than 10% of the image size and 15% in case of the VisageTracker. The default parameter for minimal face scale needs to be modified to process smaller faces.

    • If you are using high resolution images with many faces, so that each face is smaller than 5% of image width, one solution may be to divide the image into portions and process each portion separately; alternatively, a custom version of visage|SDK may be discussed.

  • For optimal performance of algorithms for face recognition and analysis (age, gender, emotion), faces should ideally be about at least 100 pixels wide.