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If you notice specific issues or have special requirements, you may send us your test video footage and any specific requests, and we will process it and send you back the tracking results. This may allow us to fine-tune the tracker configuration to your specific requirements and send you the best possible results.

How can I test and use ear tracking?

The fastest way to test ear tracking is in the online Showcase Demo (; simply enable Ears in the Draw Options menu.

The online demo is based on visage|SDK for HTML5 and has some limitations due to the HTML5 implementation. For even better performance, you may want to download other visage|SDK for Windows, Android or iOS - each of these packages contains a native Showcase Demo in which ear tracking can be tried.

If you are already developing using visage|SDK and want to enable ear tracking, you can use the ready-made configuration file “Facial Features Tracker - High - With Ears.cfg“. Ear tracking is enabled using the refine_ears configuration parameter.


Add See also section with link to the Configuration Manual, to the API for setting configuration parameters and to FaceData structure for accessing the tracking results.

High-level functionalities