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No. visage|SDK is not a finalized application for processing video files and saving information to a file, but a Software Development Kit that you use to develop/integrate your application. This is what your software development team can hopefully do, based on the documentation delivered as part of visage|SDK.
To get you started each platform specific visage|SDK package contains sample projects with full source code that can be modified for that purpose. In the documentation, click on Samples to find the documentation of the specific sample projects.
On Windows there are Visual Studio 2015 samples: ShowCaseDemo which is written in C# and FaceTracker2 which is written in C++.
On macOS there is Xcode sample: VisageTrackerDemo which is written in Objective-C++.
Processing and saving information to a file can be implemented in parts of the sample projects where tracking from video file is performed:

  • In Showcase Demo project on Windows, the appropriate function is worker_DoWorkVideo().

  • In FaceTracker2 sample project on Windows, the appropriate function is CVisionExampleDoc::trackFromVideo().

  • In VisageTrackerDemo sample project on macOS, the appropriate function is trackingVideoThread().

Please search source code of each sample for exact location.
Important note: sample projects have “video_file_sync“ (or similarly named functionality) enabled which skips video frames if tracking is slower than real-time. This functionality should be disabled for full video processing i.e processing of all video frames.